Raw honey keeps 100% of its natural healing and health benefits. It can be used in many different ways, for example, to help ease a sore throat or to aid in the healing of a superficial wound or burn.

We keep our honey separate in the batch it is extracted, we do not blend it. This means that it maintains the distinct flavour and colour from the flora around available to the bees at that site. Each new batch has its own incredible aroma and taste. Wildflower honey and bush honey are the most common varieties, with Manuka and Rewarewa also being available at certain times of the year. 

Our first crop of honey is usually Rewarewa honey. This beautiful dark honey is full of antioxidants and is great for joint health and arthritis. It has a distinct “woody caramel” flavour similar to toffee apples.

Our Bush honey comes next. This is from beautiful areas of native bush around the King country and Taumaranui areas. It is dark and delicate, not too sweet and the aroma of it lingers long after you have tasted it.

This years Manuka Honey is light and sweet with a delicate Manuka after taste, making it very palatable. Manuka honey is full of antibacterial goodness. It is fantastic for staving off a sore throat and for healing wounds in both animals and humans.

Our wildflower honey is our most prolific honey and comes in 3 varieties: liquid, creamed and Lemon. The creamed honey is silky smooth and great for cold winters to spread on toast. The Lemon variety is fantastic spooned into hot water for a comforting drink or spread on toast with butter.

Due to the huge production of wildflower honey in NZ, here at 3 Feathers we have also created some incredible creamed honey varieties. Our creamed Raspberry and creamed Vanilla honeys were launched in August and have been such a success we have sold out at many shows! Try it today, you won’t be disappointed!

We also have mini jars of all of our varieties. These make excellent gifts, souvenirs or wedding favours. Please contact us if you would like a bulk rate.