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Creamed Raspberry Honey

You cannot help but fall in love with this incredible creamed raspberry honey. Our signature silky smooth, creamed wildflower honey with a fresh burst of raspberry is a taste sensation!. Try it today.

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2 reviews for Creamed Raspberry Honey

  1. Elona Buckingham (verified owner)

    The best honey I have ever had in my life. Beautifully presented, arrived super fast. Will be a repeat customer.

  2. Danielle

    Don’t hesitate! I waited, and missed out because they sold out. Then I thought about it, and missed out, because they sold out again. Finally, I meant to do it, but didn’t quite get around to it and….you guessed it! Well I didn’t miss another chance after that and it was all that I had hoped for – honey, and raspberry, and spreads so well on your toast, and whipped with butter creates a slice of heaven!

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